Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Takes!

Experienced parents Mark and Ann from Ohio add 4 little girls from Taiwan, under age six, to their family! These little girls are welcomed by three big sisters and a brother-in-law! Congratulations to this wonderful and blessed family!

From the Family- "I cannot tell you the number of double-takes we've gotten from people when they see us with all these little girls- probably 50 a day. Maybe 8 or 10 times a day, someone will do a quick count and their eyes get big and their mouths kind of fall open, and they start to comment on our 4 little girls, and then notice the 5th one who was being carried or who was standing behind one of us and have the same reaction all over again! It is really comical. When we went to the zoo, people were ignoring the animals and taking pictures of us! We are having a blast!" Mark and Ann

Welcome Home!

Chuck & Chris, from Wisconsin, bring home two happy kiddos, Isaiah and Isaac!

Earlier this week, Isaiah & Issac met their three older siblings & many farm animals.

Congratulations to this big happy family!