Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Legislative Update #2, Licensed Organizations

In Gladney's blog post on January 13, 2011 regarding legislative changes in Taiwan, we reported that significant changes to the child welfare system, including adoption process was expected with the new passage of the Children and Youth Welfare Rights Protection Act.

The new law provides for additional regulation of persons or organizations providing adoption services. To avoid child trafficking, only licensed organizations can process adoptions under the new law. Penalty for violation of the law will be put into place for non-licensed individuals or organizations providing adoption services. Currently, there are 10 licensed entities able to provide adoption services, both domestic and international. This includes 3 government orphanages, one quasi-governmental organization, and six private foundations.

The organizations that Gladney partners with, i.e., Cathwel, Chung Yi and New Hope, are all on the list that Taiwan government has published. Other licensed organizations by the Children's Bureau in Taiwan ROC include: The Northern Region Children’s Home, Ministry of Interior; The Central Region Children’s Home, Ministry of Interior; The Southern Children’s Home, Ministry of Interior; Child Welfare League Foundation; Good Shepherd Welfare Services Tainan Babies’ Home; The Home of God’s Love; Christian Salvation Services.

Working with licensed organizations in Taiwan makes it more likely that a visa is issued to children adopted by our adoptive families. The adoption process for Gladney families with referrals has continued un-interrupted to date. As Gladney continues to partner with Cathwel, Chung Yi, and New Hope- we will monitor the status of the proposed act and provide additional information and updates through passage.

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