Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chung Yi and Cathwel Placement!

Another exciting day in Taiwan! We started our day meeting with Ms. Debbie Kao and Yuka, two representatives at Chung Yi. I was able to tour the baby home that was finished last summer and to say hi to a few of the children eating lunch! They were very interested in who I was and one little guy kept yelling auntie to me in Chinese.

In the afternoon we attended a meeting with newly united mother and daughter! Tori was so happy to see her mama and to be welcomed into the family by sister Tatum!

Today, I leave Taipei for Shanghai. I will have my memories, connection to the culture and history of Taiwan, continued and nurtured relationships but most importantly I leave with a stronger commitment to family and serving the children of Taiwan from this trip!

Yuka, Debbie Kao, Gongzhan Wu and Lindsay Hatcher

Mr. Yeh (representative) and Tori

Anne (social worker from Cathwel), Tatum, Mama Joyce, and Tori!

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