Friday, November 4, 2011

Recently in Taiwan Adoption News

During the month of October we received several civil and final rulings. And thus, as Novemberunfolds before us we are busy planning for five families to travel to Taiwan to complete their adoptions to bring home their daughters and sons! Included with these families is one family who will be adopting a sibling set, two sisters, through the Chung Yi program.

Last month one family completed the adoption of their son and returned home to Illinois. Two more families adopting little boys are in Taiwan currently. In October, Gladney received 2 more boy referrals from New Hope - a baby boy under 6 months old with a minor special need, and this week, a referral of a healthy boy approximately one year old. We also received a referral through our Chung Yi program for a two year old boy. Last week Gladney submitted a dossier on behalf of a family adopting a litle girl through Cathwel and we currently have one family working on their dossier to adopt a baby girl from New Hope.

One of our families who returned home in September recently sent us an email and shared this photo and news:

Kobi took to us right away when we met and transitioned very easily to us. We met only his foster mother, who was very nice. She said that Kobi loves people and was an easy boy to take care of. The foster mother didn't cry at the transition - she smiled the whole time and made it go very smoothly.

Mr. Yeh was wonderful, although he makes you eat alot of stuff that is different! In other words, he doesn't take no for an answer on what you order! We eventually got used to the lax ways of the country, i.e., no car seats, kids on scooters, and even a small zipline that Travis and Kobi both did! Kobi slept 9 of the 12 hours on the flight from Taiwan to San Francisco.

Kobi is a very busy little boy! He loves daddy and says "da da" already. We are home getting adjusted and I'm so glad I have a little boy! -- Andrea and Travis (Illinois)

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