Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recently in Taiwan Adoption News

In January, five families in the New Hope program completed their adoptions! We also received three referrals over the past month -- A toddler girl in the Chung Yi program, and two baby boys in the New Hope program!
Michael and Dad
"Come on Dad! Let's go home!"
Michael with his dad, John, as they check out of the Howard Hotel in Taipei in
mid-January on route home to New Jersey, just in time for Gladney's Chinese New Year Party.
January 1st, 2012, was the effective date of the new Taiwan Child Welfare legislation passed on November 11, 2012. The implementation date of the legislation was announced to be July 1, 2012. At this time, no additional information has been announced by the Child Welfare Bureau in Taiwan regarding how the priority of domestic adoption placements within Taiwan will be implemented. Gladney will continue to monitor the legislation in Taiwan and will keep families in the program updated on any new information that impacts international adoption.
Beth Evens
Beth Evans
Many families who have travelled to Taiwan over the past few months have been able to meet Beth Evans. Beth is a social worker and acting in a volunteer capacity to provide additional support to families during their adoption process in Taiwan. Beth is an Asian adoptee herself and was raised in Michigan. She has been living in Taipei since May, 2011. Beth earned her Master's in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

We are pleased that many families have enjoyed the assistance that Beth provides, in addition to the logistical and transportation services provided by Mr. Yeh during the week-long trip to Taiwan. Upon a family arriving in Taipei, Beth will call them to make sure they are settling in without problem, and will review the week's itinerary. During the course of each family's trip, Beth is available to meet and spend time with them. Please don't hesitate to let her know if you need anything during your stay in Taiwan!
Kobi Schroll, now home 4 months, proudly wears his Chinese New Year outfit - a gift from Mr. Yeh!

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