Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recently in Taiwan Adoption News

As the month of April begins, we have one family preparing to travel to Taiwan to adopt their toddler daughter through the Cathwel program. We also have one family in the New Hope program awaiting news of their Final Ruling any day! Four court dates are set for the month of April for families in the New Hope Program. Gladney remains in touch with all three of our licensed partner organizations in Taiwan (Chung Yi, New Hope, and Cathwel) as the child welfare legislation that was passed in November 2011 in Taiwan nears the July 1st implementation date. Some non-Gladney families are reporting that their adoption agency's Taiwan programs have recently been suspended, and we suspect that this is because the adoption agency's partner organizations in Taiwan are not licensed. Generally, under the new Taiwan law, only organizations that are licensed will be able to assist with adoption placements. Since all of the organizations we work with in Taiwan are licensed, Gladney's Taiwan program remains active and in good standing. We will continue to keep our adoptive families informed of any information that will impact the program in general, as well as the effect, if any, the legislation will have on specific families' adoption cases. Please also feel free to contact your caseworker with any questions.

In this newsletter, we wanted to announce the exciting news that Gladney and Chung Yi will work together more closely to help older children and children with special needs find families. Throughout the months of April and May, Chung Yi will prepare the profiles of several children who will be available to be adopted by Gladney families. We will provide a picture and brief summary for each child on the photolist page of our Asia Waiting Child website. The password to view the photolist page can be obtained by contacting Please visit the photolist page and encourage other adopting families you know to also visit!

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