Friday, June 8, 2012

Recently in Taiwan Adoption News

As the month of June begins, there is one family currently in Taiwan completing the adoption of their little boy! Click here to link to their blog and share their experiences.
This week we also received one referral for a baby girl! This is Gladney's first referral since the June 1st implementation date of the Child Welfare Legislation in Taiwan. There are 5 families with court dates that occurred during the spring. These families are now awaiting their civil rulings.

Gongzhan will be travelling to Asia this summer and expects to be in Taiwan during mid-July. He plans to visit with all of our partner organizations in Taiwan: New Hope, Chung Yi and Cathwel. We will provide an update of Gongzhan's trip later this summer that will include any new information about the processing of Taiwan adoptions subsequent to the June 1st legislative implementation date.

If you are a family in Gladney's Taiwan program and approved and waiting to receive a referral, your caseworker may be contacting you about updating your home study during the summer. After families receive a referral in the Taiwan program, their dossier (which includes the home study report) is entered into court. While each judge has his/her own discretion in consideration of dossier documents, most judges request that the home study report be under one year at the time of submission to their court. You will be able to discuss your plans for updating your home study report with your caseworker based on the specific program you are in, as well as the length of time you have been waiting for a referral.

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