Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recently in Taiwan Adoption News

September was an exciting month! We received travel approval for one family in Wisconsin to bring home their 6 year old daughter! They will be leaving for Taiwan later this month! We talked with several families about adopting toddlers and children with minor medical needs and are awaiting news about matching decisions from Taiwan for three children! Also, two babies were referred this month!
Marco and his family are all smiles at the NY GFA kickoff in September.
Marco was adopted from Taiwan this summer and is up for everything!
We are currently working with two psychologists to offer a webinar to help families understand and weigh developmental and psychological assessment reports provided with child referrals from Taiwan. These reports are often part of school-aged children's profiles. This webinar will be offered live on Friday, November 16th. Registration information will be posted to our Taiwan Blog next week. The webinar will be very helpful to any parent considering adopting a toddler or older child, and will introduce some of the children in Taiwan who are waiting to find their families.

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