Monday, July 15, 2013

Recent Taiwan Adoption News

June was a busy month for our Taiwan program - we had three families travel to complete the adoption of their amazing children! 

The Lancaster family welcomed 5 year old Ying-Tzu with open arms! The whole family spent two weeks in Taiwan getting to experience Ying-Tzu's birth country, but Ying-Tzu was most excited to get home and see her new room and toys! 

Chris and Jennifer welcomed Caiden home! Big brother Liam was excitedly awaiting their arrival in New York City! 

Michael and Hui-Min came home to Texas last week with their twin boys David and Samuel! These 4 year olds will definitely keep these new parents busy!

We are also happy to announce that one of our families received a referral this month of a healthy two year little girl! Another family was alerted that they will likely be traveling in July to complete the adoption of their son in time for his eighth birthday! 

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