Friday, November 15, 2013

Taiwan Update

We are excited to welcome families from Families and Children's Agency (FCA) into our Taiwan Cathwel program!  With the assistance of Cathwel's staff, Gladney was able to smoothly transition families without disrupting their adoption process with Cathwel.  It was wonderful having a chance to meet many of the FCA families at Gladney's October Pathways training! 
More good news from Cathwel! - In October, one of our long waiting families in the Cathwel program was presented with a referral of a 17 month old boy!  Congratulations to the family!
In Gladney's Taiwan adoption program, we currently have 6 families with accepted referrals at various stages of the dossier prep/PAIR and court processes.  One of the families will be travelling in December -- and the remaining five families should all be home with their children throughout the spring and summer months!

Tanner, adopted through the Cathwel program this summer,
celebrates his brother Tyler's wedding!
In October we were notified by Cathwel and Chung Yi about several waiting children who are in need of forever families.  The children vary in age and needs.  We feel this is an indication that the agencies in Taiwan have had time to adjust to the new system that has evolved with the introduction of child welfare and adoption legislation put in place over the past 2 years. We are expecting to see more children becoming available for international adoption within the coming months.

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