Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Superkids is preparing to return to China next month!

The Superkids team will be visiting six orphanages in three provinces.  We will visit Shanghai Children's Home, four orphanages in the Jiangxi province and one orphanage in the Hunan province.  The team will evaluate children to assist them in finding adoptive families and work with children who may not be adopted so that we can improve their quality of life.  We will also train caregivers and rehabilitation staff to increase the skill of their therapeutic interactions with all children they care for.
Superkids Team Pat, Erin and Darla
As always, Gongzhan Wu, Gladney Vice President and Managing Director of the Asia Program, will lead the trip.  Superkids team members will include: Darla Wrage, MD, a pediatrician making her first therapeutic trip to China (read her bio on the Superkids blog); Erin Martin, waiting child advocate and Gladney Mom; and Pat Marcus, Physical Therapist. Superkids is thrilled with, and appreciative of, the dedication and commitment shown by its volunteers.
Please be sure to follow our progress on the Superkids blog and share in the preparation for the trip!

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