Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taiwan Program News

Congratulations to two families who brought home their little girls within the last few weeks! For both families it is a wonderful start to the New Year! Lucy arrived home to Arizona in mid-January and Mei Mei just arrived home to Georgia a few days ago! Congratulations to both families!
Denise and Fred with new daughter Lucy

Mei-Mei with her adoring big brother!

Court hearings were held in Taiwan for four families in January and one civil ruling was issued! We also received news for one family to travel to pick up their daughter in March.

We would also like to announce that Chung Yi has received noticed they are authorized by the Child Welfare Bureau, Ministry of the Interior, to provide domestic and international adoption services. In accordance with the changes in Taiwan child welfare and adoption laws, Chung Yi was re-issued a Child and Youth Adoption Service Provider Certificate effective November 19, 2012.

With the Chinese New Year celebrations taking place shortly, most organizations will be closed from February 9-17.

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