Friday, April 12, 2013

Chelsea Guffy, Law Student Volunteer

We are pleased to introduce Chelsea Guffy who currently attends law school and volunteers each week at the New York office. This summer, Chelsea will continue with Gladney in an internship position and receive academic credit.  As part of her summer experience, she is preparing to travel to China with Gladney staff.

"... adoption law is a subject that is barely covered in law school. On occasion, we read cases in law school that somehow loosely pertain to adoption, but the intricacies of adoption law are rarely discussed.  That's why I volunteer at Gladney. I help out a little bit and in return I get to see adoption at work and speak with adoption professionals, not to mention the joy I receive from the photos of smiling "Gladney babies" lining the walls. Gladney is a weekly reminder of why my education matters, a reminder which is of great importance to me."                                          - Chelsea Guffy

Click here to read Chelsea's full article which includes a synopsis of the New York Law School Adoption Conference which she recently attended with the Gladney Asia Staff.

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